Amanda Gearing is an investigative journalist, author and broadcaster. From her home in Toowoomba she has covered national news for The Australian, The Times in London, ABC Radio National and Crikey.com. She moved to Brisbane this year and is enrolled in a PhD in journalism at Queensland University of Technology.

In 2011 Amanda covered the flash flood disaster in Toowoomba and the Lockyer Valley. Her interviews contributed to a Master of Arts (Research) thesis, her first book The Torrent: Toowoomba and the Lockyer Valley, January 2011, published by the University of Queensland Press in 2012 and her radio documentary The day that changed Grantham which won a Walkley Award for best radio documentary, also in 2012.

A database of her post-flood interview recordings and collected photos and videos was acquired by the Queensland State Library and form the official archive of the disaster.

Amanda’s coverage of an international child sexual abuse scandal in the Anglican Church in Australia and the Church of England in 2013 led to an inquiry and significant reforms of the Church of England in Britain. She is now researching the potential of social media, web-based communications, reporter collaboration and media outlet collaboration in global investigative journalism. Data is being gathered via interviews she is conducting with leading investigative reporters in Australia and overseas.

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