Orchard/stone fruit

Stomping good time as season comes to fruition

Courier Mail, The (Brisbane), 04/03/2006, pg. 5

STANTHORPE is in party mode for the biennial Apple and Grape Harvest Festival this weekend, marking 40 years since the first festival was held in 1966.

The town’s population of 4000 will swell to more than 70,000 as visitors and former Stanthorpe residents return for the Granite Belt’s biggest party of the year, […]

Welcome to the valley of death

Courier Mail, The (Brisbane), 02/06/2005, pg. 11

MATURE fruit orchards are dying in the Lockyer Valley because of drought and several years of severe frosts that are now forcing farmers to think of quitting.

At Grantham, at the top of the Lockyer Valley about 100km west of Brisbane, 25-year-old avocado trees that should be at peak production and laden with […]

Hailstorms wreck vineyards and vegetable crops

Courier Mail, The (Brisbane), 03/02/2004, pg. 9

VEGETABLE growers on the Granite Belt are counting the cost of severe hailstorms which last week wiped out millions of dollars worth of crops, prolonging an already short supply of summer vegetables.

Hailstorms swept through orchards, vineyards and crops last Thursday and again on Friday.

Applethorpe DPI senior extension horticulturist Alex Banks said […]

Unripe fruit sacrificed to save dry orchards

Courier Mail, The (Brisbane), 25/10/2002, pg. 11

GRANITE Belt stone fruit will be scarce this Christmas as the drought forces growers to strip trees of fruit in the hope of saving orchards.

Fruit-pickers are picking unripe peaches, nectarines, apricots and plums to prevent trees becoming so water-stressed they die.

But the Queensland Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association yesterday said consumers would […]