Dams are dry, no time to cry

Courier Mail, The (Brisbane), 05/05/2007, pg. 73

LOOKING across the parched landscape of his Killarney property after 10 years of drought, Paul Graham is struck by the contrast with his childhood memories of knee-deep lush pastures and mud.

“All we ever wore were mud boots when I was a kid. The mud would pull your mud boots off, everything […]

Bring us a monsoon – Near-tropical storms needed to fill storages

Courier Mail, The (Brisbane), 10/02/2007, pg. 025

CYCLONES in the Gulf of Carpentaria that have dropped half a metre of rain in tropical Queensland in the past week may have filled dams in the area to overflowing.

But similar amounts of rain would be needed to break the drought gripping southeast Queensland and replenish dwindling water supplies.

The combined storage […]

Your say

Courier Mail, The (Brisbane), 31/07/2006. pg. 8

LACK of consultation with residents and poor infrastructure planning were the most common reasons for people voting “no” to recycled drinking water.

At Rangeville booth, 13 out of 19 voters interviewed said water shortages were caused by a lack of dam capacity or poor planning.

Even some residents who voted in favour of […]

Teens have never seen a good season

Courier Mail, The (Brisbane), 24/02/2006, pg. 9

THEY are the drought generation — children who have lived with 15 years of drought in western Queensland and have never seen what their parents remember as good seasons.

As they prepare to choose careers, farming is no longer an option.

They have seen their parents endure the stress of watching their […]

Recycling the drink of last resort

Courier Mail, The (Brisbane), 14/10/2005, pg. 21

NOTHING has inflamed the traditionally staid citizens of Toowoomba as much as Mayor Di Thorley’s plan to recycle sewage into the Garden City’s drinking water.

While Thorley sees her $70 million plan as a visionary answer to a complex problem, it is a nauseating idea that failed when it was first mooted in […]

Stock starve as red tape used to save mulga trees

Courier Mail, The (Brisbane), 09/06/2005, pg. 12

FAR west Queensland graziers are frustrated that millions of hectares of productive mulga country will become useless because it has been wrongly classified under state tree clearing laws.

Grazier Stephen Tully guided a delegation across his drought-stricken property 70km west of Quilpie yesterday to show politicians how mulga has been used for generations […]

Cattle exodus kicks up a fuss

Courier Mail, The (Brisbane), 08/06/2005, pg. 6

A MASSIVE de-stocking of cattle from drought-stricken far western Queensland is pressuring transport operators to breaking point as they struggle with dirt roads that are disintegrating under the pressure.

Quilpie-based transport operator Paul Hansen, who runs Paul Hansen Transport, said 1300km of dirt roads in the Barcoo Shire were desperately in need of bitumen.

The […]

Welcome to the valley of death

Courier Mail, The (Brisbane), 02/06/2005, pg. 11

MATURE fruit orchards are dying in the Lockyer Valley because of drought and several years of severe frosts that are now forcing farmers to think of quitting.

At Grantham, at the top of the Lockyer Valley about 100km west of Brisbane, 25-year-old avocado trees that should be at peak production and laden with […]

Greenhouse risks spark wide review of policies

Courier Mail, The (Brisbane), 11/09/2004, pg. 23

EVERY State Government department has been asked to address the effects of climate change on Queensland following a report by the CSIRO on future climatic conditions.

A five-year study for the State Government on climate change in Queensland under enhanced greenhouse conditions warns policymakers of significant future risks.

The final report of the study […]

Dry winter goes against the grain

Courier Mail, The (Brisbane), 13/08/2004, pg. 10

PRIZE-winning Darling Downs wheat grower Roland Teakle surveyed the expanse of dry empty paddocks yesterday where hundreds of hectares of lush winter crop should be emerging.

“Normally we plant 323ha a year of wheat,” said Mr Teakle, of Jondaryan west of Toowoomba.

“This year — not a seed.

“We usually win second prize in […]