El Nino sparks climate of fear

Courier Mail, The (Brisbane), 21/01/2003, pg. 6

EL NINO conditions which developed six months ago signalled the potential for serious bushfires in Australia this year and climate change could increase fire risks, leading climatologists said yesterday.

Roger Stone, newly elected head of a United Nations climate applications research group, said many major Australian bushfires were associated with El Nino events.

Awareness […]

It goes against the grain, but less earns more

Courier Mail, The (Brisbane), 17/12/2002, pg. 2

WINTER grain harvests on the Darling Downs are down 70 per cent, to the lowest tonnages since the 1994 drought.

But for those lucky enough to harvest a crop, prices have been at record highs.

Pampas graingrower Lyndon Pfeffer managed only a tenth of his usual wheat harvest but counts himself fortunate.

“Further north […]

Predicting the unpredictable

Courier Mail, The (Brisbane), 16/11/2002. pg. 35

WAYNE Newton’s property on the Darling Downs is in the middle of a farming community racked by heartbreaking drought.

The Shire of Wambo, around Dalby, was one of the first drought-declared by the State Government, in October 2000, and was granted Exceptional Circumstances relief by the Federal Government in August last year. Rivers […]

Australia under the weather

Courier Mail, The (Brisbane), 16/11/2002, pg. 35

Major breakthroughs in weather prediction are helping farmers, writes Amanda Gearing

‘It’s important to realise that El Nino doesn’t mean no rain at all”

AS DAYS of drought lengthen into weeks and months, farmers and graziers could be forgiven for wondering if it will ever seriously rain again.

Climate scientists have been trying to […]

Relief in the pipeline

Courier Mail, The (Brisbane), 20/07/2002, pg. 76

AUSTRALIAN-based pipe manufacturer Iplex is using climate forecasting to make the most of opportunities presented by the drought which now covers 40 per cent of Queensland.

Despite the dry conditions causing a slump in cattle prices as graziers sell off stock, some businesses are doing well.

Sales by Iplex increased 25 per cent […]