Magnificat Meal Movement

Cult leader cashes in – Self-proclaimed visionary set to sell the farm

Courier Mail, The (Brisbane), 10/05/2007, pg. 19

HELIDON cult leader Debra Geileskey is selling up her million-dollar Lockyer Valley rural retreat and has moved to the US.

The self-proclaimed visionary who told followers she was receiving messages from the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ, attracted up to 400 followers after she moved to Toowoomba in 1992 from Melbourne.

Soon after, […]

Cult leader’s trail of lies

Courier Mail, The (Brisbane), 13/09/2006, pg. 12

HELIDON cult leader Debra Geileskey has been allegedly travelling on a false passport claiming to be a diplomat from a fictitious country called Caledonia Australis.

The sect leader, who attracted followers by claiming to receive messages from the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ, allegedly had postage stamps issued from the fictitious country and […]

Dangerous flights of fantasy

Courier Mail, The (Brisbane), 17/06/2003, pg. 13

Followers of the Magnificat Meal Movement have little reason to join their leader in the cult s birthday celebrations today, reports Amanda Gearing

PAINT is peeling from the shopfronts in Helidon. The rural township in the Lockyer Valley has been unable to shake off the infamy of being the adopted home of cult […]

Ex-followers outraged by preacher’s $1m buy

Courier Mail, The (Brisbane), 11/05/2002, pg. 6

MAGNIFICAT Meal Movement leader Debra Geileskey has boosted her property portfolio with the purchase of a $1 million property at Grantham.

The buy adds to her holdings in the Lockyer Valley outside Brisbane and has angered former members of the cult who say their donations to it have been misappropriated.

The property, which […]

Cult leaders face fraud probe

Courier Mail, The (Brisbane), 01/05/2001, pg. 3

DEBRA and Gordon Geileskey, the couple behind the Magnificat Meal Movement, are being investigated for tax fraud.

An Australian Taxation Office spokesperson, confirming a “priority” investigation, said allegations of unconscionable conduct and criminal fraud would be forwarded to the Australian Federal Police.

A magistrate last week ordered Gordon Geileskey to pay $38,000 to […]