Courier Mail, The (Brisbane), 11/05/2002, pg. 6

MAGNIFICAT Meal Movement leader Debra Geileskey has boosted her property portfolio with the purchase of a $1 million property at Grantham.

The buy adds to her holdings in the Lockyer Valley outside Brisbane and has angered former members of the cult who say their donations to it have been misappropriated.

The property, which has a homestead, two houses, an olive grove, swimming pool and church, was on the market for $1.6 million but was sold to Geileskey for $950,000.

L J Hooker real estate licensee Nev Seng confirmed yesterday that he negotiated the sale but would not release information about the purchase because of the Privacy Act.

The Sandy Creek Rd property was bought by Debra Geileskey’s $1 company Pelican Investments International. She has bought three other properties in the Lockyer Valley in her maiden name, Debra Burslem, and the latest purchase brings her holdings to more than $2 million.

The other buys were a 180ha cattle breeding and fattening property on the Gatton-Esk Rd for $590,000 in February this year, a 4ha hobby farm in Back Flagstone Creek Rd in Helidon for $192,000 in December last year and a 16ha irrigated crop farm in Ditchmans Rd at Grantham for $270,000 in 1997.

Mr Seng said the property had been on the market for two years and the vendors had returned to live in Germany.

Debra Marie Burslem is listed as the sole director and secretary of Pelican Investments International Pty Ltd which was incorporated in June last year with a $1 share issue.

Mrs Geileskey and her husband Gordon began the religious cult, the Magnificat Meal Movement, based on Catholic teachings which was denounced by Rome as a cult.

Gordon Geileskey, a real estate agent, publicly left his wife and the movement in June, 1999, proclaiming her a fake.

Mrs Geileskey turned to selling Herbal Life products and last year was one of the organisation’s top sales consultants.

At its height, the MMM cult attracted more than 400 people to monthly, first Saturday devotions at a former convent next door to St Joseph’s Catholic church in Helidon.

Devotees were drawn to the charismatic leader who claimed she had received personal messages from the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ.

Mrs Geileskey claimed the cult headquarters was the Shrine of Mary and that Helidon was the New Jerusalem.

Former member Dawn O’Brien said members had given hundreds of thousands of dollars towards the cost of building a $45 million basilica after Mrs Geileskey proclaimed Christ would return to Helidon when the building was completed.

“It’s disgraceful. The people gave her that money to build a basilica, not to buy property,” she said yesterday.

“What about all the people who gave her a third of their houses and have now left and want their money back?”

Mrs O’Brien said her husband, who is still a member of the cult, had been told not to attend some meetings and had not attended devotions on the first Saturday of each month because Mrs Geileskey had made the gatherings an invitation-only activity.

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