Gearing, AmandaThe Daily Telegraph [Surry Hills, N.S.W] 05 May 2003: 002.

The case follows an Anglican board of inquiry report last week which found then Archbishop [Peter Hollingworth] had allowed a paedophile priest to remain a minister despite knowing he had sexually abused a boy. 

The warden said Mr Hollingworth had sought to appoint Mr [John Payne] for a second locum term but the church wardens and the incumbent priest fought the decision because of what allegedly happened the first time. 

“[Archbishop Hollingworth] shouted down the phone `If I don’t send him I don’t know who I will send’,” the warden said. “I told him we’d manage. We had the most frightful barneys. I was strong enough to stand up to [Archbishop] Hollingworth but I became a persona non grata.” 

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