Courier Mail, The (Brisbane), 03/09/2002, pg. 3

A BOARDING house owner told staff to fabricate records about the health of a resident with severe schizophrenia after he died from drinking too much coffee and orange juice, an inquest was told yesterday.

A cook at Toowoomba’s Ranleigh boarding house told a coronial inquiry the owner Chris Campbell called all staff to a meeting and told them to take a pen and write in a boarding house diary after resident Terry Carty was found dead.

Cook Lynn Kennedy told the hearing Mr Campbell told staff not to tell anyone he had told them to write in the diary.

“(Chris Campbell) told us don’t forget, I didn’t tell you to do it,” Mrs Kennedy said.

“When Mr Campbell called us all over and revved us, he made it clear that the subject he was most concerned about was the contact staff had with the (Queensland Health mental health team) about Terry Carty’s condition,” she said.

Mr Campbell has yet to testify at the inquest.

Terrence Michael Carty, 43, who had severe schizophrenia, was found dead on November 25, 2000. A post mortem found he died of sodium deficiency from drinking excess fluids.

The court was told Mr Carty had drunk an excessive amount of coffee and orange juice, including on one occasion drinking two litres of orange juice and one litre of coffee in an hour.

The inquest is also inquiring into the death a second resident of the Ranleigh boarding house, John Joseph Jeffery, 52, who died two months later, in January 2001, of an overdose of prescription drugs.

Three residents of the boarding house, who were all taking the anti-psychotic drug Clozapine, were all unwell at the same time, Mrs Kennedy said.

She said she had phoned the Mobile Intensive Treatment Team case worker several times about her concerns for the health of Terry Carty and John Jeffery.

She had also noted in the diary that residents had been given incorrect prescription medicines and a resident had been drunk on methylated spirits a few weeks before Mr Carty died.

The inquest continues today.

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