May 11, 2013

In Australia . . . .

Accused headmaster turned me into pedophile, says convicted cleric Peter Gilbert


From: The Australian

May 11, 2013 12:00AM

A CLERGYMAN who allegedly raped boys at a north Queensland boarding school in the 1960s has claimed he was ordered to take female hormones by his headmaster, […]

Who was Robert Waddington?

Robert Murray Waddington was born in 1927 at Bognor Regis, England. When he left school he went to Cambridge to study medicine but did not complete his degree. He then studied theology at Ely Theological College.

His first church posting was as a curate in the parish of Bethnal Green in London where […]

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The story breaks . . .

The Australian

May 10, 2013


A CHILD sex scandal involving victims in Australia and Britain has hit the top echelon of the Anglican Church, with allegations that some of its most senior clergymen failed to respond properly to complaints of horrific abuse.

The former archbishop of York, now Lord […]

After the flood

Australian, The, 09.07.2011, pg. 1

Locals are demanding the Queensland floods inquiry investigate whether a quarry wall played a role in the inland tsunami that devastated the town of Grantham

FRUSTRATED residents of Grantham, the Lockyer Valley township devastated by Queensland’s deadly summer floods, are demanding that the commission of inquiry into the disaster investigate whether […]

Survivors’ flood of emotions

Australian, The, 21.04.2011, p11

The Grantham victims are asking why they were not warned of the pending disaster

THE Lockyer Valley township of Grantham is now a hive of rebuilding activity and the rich surrounding farmland is a green carpet with cabbages, lettuce, potatoes and other crops in healthy growing abundance.
It is 101 days since […]

Stunned survivors say farewell to their families – FUNERALS — 2011 FLOOD DISASTER

Australian, The, 29.01.2011, p9

FLANKED by her husband, Matthew, and her two surviving children, Maddison and Jacob, Stacy Keep yesterday began the heart-wrenching task of burying her family.

Mrs Keep, who is heavily pregnant, lost three family members when an 8m flash flood crashed through her Grantham home on January 10, including her 23-month-old […]

Child’s body in tree adds to death toll — FLOOD DISASTER

Australian, The, 24.01.2011, p6

TWO more bodies, including that of child discovered in a tree, were retrieved in the Lockyer Valley at the weekend, reinforcing the grisly complexity of the search for the missing.
A local resident found the child’s body by accident on Saturday in a stretch of Murphys Creek that had been […]

The awful silence of loved ones who were washed away — 2011 FLOOD DISASTER

Australian, The, 22.01.2011, p7

Bereaved families are united in their grief

IN a tiny chapel sheltered by towering gum trees in the Lockyer Valley yesterday, two shattered families were joined in a circle of sorrow.
A few days before an “inland tsunami” hurled death and devastation down the sleepy valley, a selfless stranger had saved Jean Gurr’s […]

Rescuers ignored danger to pluck mother and child from torrent HEROES — 2011 FLOOD DISASTER

Australian, The, 18.01.2011, p3

JENNY Perry, her husband James and nine-year-old son Ted balanced on the roof of their car until the floodwaters at Helidon took them towards a powerline.
When the stricken family moved to avoid electrocution, the car lost buoyancy and sank, plunging them into the raging waters.
Mrs Perry survived by clinging to a […]