State teachers create own export industry

Courier Mail, The (Brisbane), 13/06/2007, pg. 65

TEACHERS from Queensland are playing a major role in education reform in Qatar, a small and extremely wealthy country in the Persian Gulf.

Under a contract with Education Queensland International, more than 20 teachers are helping schools move away from traditional chalk’n’talk classes to the student-centred learning and multi-media teaching styles used in Australia.

The […]

Farmers sacrifice milkers to abattoirs

Courier Mail, The (Brisbane), 31/05/2007, pg. 18

DAIRY farmers have sold off thousands of milking cows direct to meatworks in the past year because they cannot afford fodder for their cows.

At least 30 complete dairy herds on the Darling Downs have been sold in the past year compared with two or three a year in normal conditions.

Elders dairy […]

Councils vow to lead poll backlash

Courier Mail, The (Brisbane), 18/05/2007, pg. 9

QUEENSLAND councils have threatened to lead a protest against Labor ahead of this year’s federal election if the Beattie Government does not back down from its proposed boundary reforms.

The Local Government Association of Queensland yesterday issued four key demands to the State Government to change its council reform plans or face a […]

Jobs crisis takes hold – Paramedics face dire shortages, while miners and meat workers are sacked

Courier Mail, The (Brisbane), 17/05/2007, pg. 5

KINGAROY and Nanango are braced for tough economic times with the sacking of 160 miners from Tarong coal mine as drought slows power generation in the district to a crawl.

The mine produces seven million tonnes of coal a year to supply the state’s largest electricity generator, Tarong Power Station, which generates 30 […]

Cult leader cashes in – Self-proclaimed visionary set to sell the farm

Courier Mail, The (Brisbane), 10/05/2007, pg. 19

HELIDON cult leader Debra Geileskey is selling up her million-dollar Lockyer Valley rural retreat and has moved to the US.

The self-proclaimed visionary who told followers she was receiving messages from the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ, attracted up to 400 followers after she moved to Toowoomba in 1992 from Melbourne.

Soon after, […]

Dams are dry, no time to cry

Courier Mail, The (Brisbane), 05/05/2007, pg. 73

LOOKING across the parched landscape of his Killarney property after 10 years of drought, Paul Graham is struck by the contrast with his childhood memories of knee-deep lush pastures and mud.

“All we ever wore were mud boots when I was a kid. The mud would pull your mud boots off, everything […]

Grisly tale of murder and rape

Courier Mail, The (Brisbane), 24/02/2007, pg. 24

A court this week heard shocking evidence of a crime of the most inhuman cruelty. Amanda Gearing reports

IT’S being described as the scene of Queensland’s most brutal crime.

In the modest brick unit in a suburban street in Toowoomba three teenagers cold-bloodedly slaughtered three companions and raped a 16-year-old mum feeding her […]

Man admits to killings, rapes

Courier Mail, The (Brisbane), 22/02/2007, pg. 9

A MAN has admitted to two murders, four rapes and the manslaughter of a third man in a courtroom drama on the second day of his trial in Toowoomba Supreme Court.

Scott Geoffrey Maygar, 20, of Rockhampton, pleaded guilty to murdering David Lyons, 17, and Michael Thompson, 30, and guilty to four counts […]

Graphic reminder of risks – Car wrecks displayed roadside

Courier Mail, The (Brisbane), 22/02/2007, pg. 26

FLUORESCENT-painted car wrecks are the latest shock tactic police are using in the battle against the soaring accident rate on country roads.

In a trial at Dalby, a car crash display complete with real wrecked cars has been set up next to a sign asking drivers “Are you Queensland’s next killer?”

The scheme is […]

Consuming inferno

Courier Mail, The (Brisbane), 17/02/2007, p68

Westralia survivors just want the truth, writes Amanda Gearing

DRAMATIC revelations this week that the Defence Department was warned of impending disaster three months before a fatal fire aboard HMAS Westralia have persuaded one of the central figures in the event to come forward.

Petty Officer Max Francis was the last man to emerge […]