Courier Mail, The (Brisbane), 23/06/2004, pg. 4

FLYING the Australian flag and providing students with two hours’ exercise a week will be no barrier to education funding for Toowoomba East State School under the new $31 billion federal package.

The school has a flagpole and the school’s principal Alan Jarrott said the Australian flag was flown several times each year on important occasions.

Although the school didn’t fly the flag every day, Mr Jarrott said it would be no hardship if it were required to qualify for funding.

“(Flying the flag) encourages national pride and that is possibly one of the reasons behind (the new legislation),” he said.

Mr Jarrott said a new requirement for schools to provide students with two hours’ exercise a week was a good idea.

“Starting with correct education is important,” he said. “If children are to become accustomed to physical activity, the school is where they can all learn together.”

Students participate in at least two hours of exercise per week, he said.

Teachers run a daily fitness program for students in years 1 to 5 and almost all the students in years 6 and 7 play interschool sport.

This includes two training sessions a week and weekly fixtures in addition to a weekly physical education lesson for all students, Mr Jarrott said.

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